What an Experienced Maritime Attorney Can Do For You

Why Hire Experienced Maritime Legal Counsel?
Maritime injury law is a unique area of law. Having a legal representative who exclusively practices maritime injury law representing claimants may have distinct advantages to an injured mariner. As lawyers exclusively representing injury at sea we know by experience the claims adjustment practices of various insurance companies, claims agents, employers, boat owners and the courts in which claims may be brought.

An experienced maritime injury attorney often can assess the value of a case promptly based upon experience in similar settlements, judgments and verdicts. Claims agents, insurance companies and particular courts have track records that may be relevant to your particular maritime injury situation.

The best reason for hiring an attorney is a reasonable expectation that the benefits you ultimately will receive, including after payment of any contingency attorney's fee, will exceed what you would otherwise be able to obtain on your own. Of course, hiring an attorney does not guarantee anyone that this will be so, but retaining an experienced attorney should, in most circumstances, give you the results that fully justify retaining legal counsel.

Many times, we are asked to informally discuss the "value" of a case, and how much time is required before settlement. We cannot, unless and until we are retained, advise any specific individual with respect to a specific case, but, informally, we are often able to provide a preliminary assessment of a potential case.

If you retain an experienced maritime injury attorney, you should expect to be kept informed at all times as your case progresses; to be fully aware of what the strengths and weaknesses of your particular injury case are; to know what will be necessary to prepare your case and what must be done before a reasonable evaluation of the value of your case can be made. Most importantly, you should expect your legal representative will stay in touch with you, promptly returning phone calls and copying you with important correspondence on your case.

Our experience includes representation of injured mariners over a 27-year period, on over 5,000 cases, in both State and Federal court, including cases taken all the way to the United States Supreme Court. We represent fishermen, factory trawler workers, crabbers, merchant mariners, ferry workers, passengers injured on cruise ships, cruise ship employees, recreational boaters and individuals in longshore situations. Our clients include workers living throughout the United States, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the world.

Please Note: What you can expect from an experienced maritime attorney as listed above applies only in situations where we have been retained, in writing, to represent an individual. Results in cases can differ dramatically, and the fact that a particular result was received in a specific case by a specific individual does not, in any way, guarantee that your case will be similar. The State of Washington does not recognize maritime law as a specialty area in the practice of law and does not require special certification to represent individuals in maritime matters. Please see our Disclaimer.