The Company Says I Don't Need a Lawyer — What Now?

In our experience, settlements offered without legal representation are often significantly below fair value. That's why maritime employers and their insurers are sometimes quick to say, "You don't need a lawyer." No wonder – the less they pay you, the less it costs them.

The cost of our initial consultation is free – no obligation, no cost. Many questions can be answered in just a few minutes, over the phone or by email.

What is there to lose?
There could be a lot to lose. Long-term medical care; money for yourself and your family; loss of a job; costs of retraining; loss of fair payment for your claim.

We are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By phone, or confidential email, we will promptly respond to any reasonable inquiry.

So, if the company says you don't need a lawyer, ask yourself: is it worth the cost – nothing – to find out?