Standard Injury At Sea Representation Agreement

Thank you for choosing Injury at Sea to represent you on your maritime claims. The purpose of this letter is to state the agreement you have with our office.

We agree to represent you on all matters directly related to your maritime claim.
This means we will be responsible for dealing with the insurance representative or adjuster, your employer, the vessel owner, or anyone else who may be involved. We ask that you not contact or discuss your case with your former employer, vessel owner, or insurance representative, as it is our job to take care of this for you. We will be responsible for making sure that you are paid promptly, including maintenance, cure, wages, settlement and anything else the company owes you.

There is no charge for obtaining maintenance, cure and unearned wages.
As long as you are represented by us, there is no attorney fee charge for our obtaining your maintenance, cure, unearned wages or any bonus or percentage due to you, unless legal expense is paid by a third party (not you) to us, or unless you change attorneys. This is a contingency fee agreement; the contingency fee does not apply to these payments. We will take care of the “hassles” in getting the company to pay promptly what you are due. Unless you tell us otherwise, these payments will be made directly to you.

This is a contingency fee, and there is no charge if you do not recover.
We will assist you, without charge, in obtaining proper medical treatment, including selecting your own medical providers. Selecting your own doctor and obtaining necessary medical and related treatment is an important right.

We will help you obtain proper medical treatment.
We are paid on a percentage of the final cash settlement made to you for personal injuries. Personal injuries cover pain, suffering, mental anguish, partial disability, long-term disability, all loss of earnings, loss of earnings capacity, and all other injuries or losses arising as a result of your maritime injury. This payment is not made until the very end of the work on your case, either by settlement or in court by trial and judgment. Our fee is one-third the amount received if settled without filing suit or forty percent of the amount received if suit has to be filed. Additional or other legal counsel may assist us at trial, but there is no extra charge to you for this.

We are not paid until the very end of your case.
Costs necessary to pursue your case will be advanced and paid by us; costs are paid back at the time of settlement. If there is no settlement, or for some reason you do not recover, there is no fee for our services. Rarely is a case resolved without our client obtaining full compensation for all injuries.