Seattle, WA

Seattle is our home office housed at 4705 – 16th Avenue N.E., a three story, professional Tudor office building with six offices, conference and deposition room, two fully equipped paralegal and secretarial work stations and high speed Internet access throughout the building. The building is owned by the Injuryatsea - Maritime Injury.

Ships in Seattle, WA

Seattle is extremely important to maritime injury at sea personal injury litigation. Most maritime companies, including the commercial, very large corporate entity to many of the small, two to three person fish boats fishing in Alaska, maintain a presence or an office in Seattle. Most maritime litigation is filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, either at Seattle or Tacoma. Some cases are filed in the Superior Courts. All Federal Judges are experienced in the multitude of issues involving maritime personal injury claims, and many Superior Court Judges are as well.

Seattle is also base for a major Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, and most major accident and injury records, including those required to be reported on Form 2692, are available through the Seattle District Office, or the Seattle District Office can identify which district is appropriate for obtaining accident and injury records.

Seattle is also extremely important as a resource for medical and damage claim expert testimony. Often, complex medical issues, for example, neurological issues related to spinal, back or brain injury, or complex orthopedic injury, are best handled by retaining a medical expert in Seattle.

There are also many excellent vocational rehabilitation experts and economists available in Seattle qualified to establish the amount of damages. We use experts who are thoroughly experienced, both in maritime and injury at sea claims, and are "case hardened," experienced testifying experts.

Seattle is also home base to a large maritime injury practice section of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, including collective Internet list-serve groups, whereby information can be rapidly exchanged amongst maritime injury practitioners.

In appropriate cases, we advance the expense of bringing persons who have been injured to Seattle for a case work-up, medical, vocational, economic loss or other analysis. In appropriate cases, we will advance the costs of an appropriate medical examination, expert opinion, or expert maritime injury testimony preparation on behalf of a client who has suffered injury at sea.