Recreational Boaters

Recreational Boaters

There are many "injuries at sea" that arise from recreational boating. And, just like driving an automobile, there are "rules of the road" that apply to recreational boating.

Over the past many years, we have had occasion to be involved in numerous recreational boating accidents and injuries. These accidents can be just as serious and disabling as injury occurring on oceangoing vessels involving experienced mariners.

"Rules of the road" do apply to recreational boats, and many of these rules are common sense, just as in operating a motor vehicle. Licensing requirements may be virtually non-existent, but no license does not mean no responsibility.

Recreational boating accidents can involve passengers on small cruise boats where the operator failed to observe operating conditions, including large wakes from passing vessels, resulting in severe injury; intoxicated boat operators who caused crash-related injury; jet ski and high-speed operators causing injury by striking swimmers, water skiers, or causing injuries to persons in the water from prop-related injury. We have also become involved in cases where operators of recreational facilities have failed to adequately outfit customers with proper equipment or suitably equipped boats and gear.

Recreational boaters are, in some circumstances, also subject to maritime and admiralty law requirements and procedures. In many circumstances, this may allow for access to courts and remedies that expand an injured person's right to bring a claim. If you have been involved in a recreational boat injury, the best way to learn of your rights is to consult with competent legal counsel. This may mean reference to local legal counsel as the "rules of the road," especially for inland waters. If we are unable to assist you, we may be able to assist you in finding competent local counsel to review your claim.

As with most other claims, the time period in which to bring a claim and procedures involved can be very specific and limited. Failure to act promptly may result in loss of a claim.

What you don't know about how the law protects you in case of maritime injury can be expensive. You want to be sure to call an experienced maritime injury attorney.

An initial consultation or referral for further consultation does not constitute an agreement on our part to represent an injured person on a specific claim. Only a written fee agreement commits us to represent an injured recreational boater on a specific claim or claims.

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