Portland, OR

The Port of Portland

Portland Oregon is an important maritime community, primarily for its commercial maritime industry. The Port of Portland, and maritime businesses located in the general Portland community, are significant primarily for the oceangoing licensed and unlicensed merchant mariner. The commercial maritime industry includes significant anchorage for the tanker fleet, as well as containerized shipping.

We are frequently in Portland meeting with clients and arranging for maritime injury case and claim processing. Not all Portland-based cases are appropriate for filing in Washington and in such cases we work with associated counsel in Oregon, and in Portland. In appropriate circumstances this allows us to pursue claims in the Federal or State court in Oregon on behalf of an injured mariner.

Portland is also home base to many individuals working in the Seattle-based trawling fishing industry. If you live in the general Portland area and were injured on a trawler, most likely the trawler is Seattle based or has a significant enough Seattle connection that claims filing is appropriate through Washington-based legal counsel. Further, the claims history of the trawler employer may be well known in Seattle.

Sometimes we are also involved in obtaining second opinion medical opinions for injured clients in the Seattle-based medical community. This may be an advantage in providing access a somewhat larger medical community, and may also be useful in identifying a medical provider experienced in dealing with maritime injuries, and well versed in working with injured mariners.