Our Pledge

We Pledge...

to assist you, as best we can, using our experience, resources and reputation to obtain the maximum recovery to which you are entitled under the law for your maritime injury. We further pledge to do so as expeditiously and efficiently as we can, given your direction and the circumstances of your case.

We pledge that if we are unable to assist you with your maritime injury case, we will do our best to make a referral that will result in your finding competent advice or representation.

We realize maritime injuries often last a lifetime, and that injury at sea often brings with it tragedy and seemingly insurmountable problems. Often, injured persons have no meaningful income, enormous medical expense, and unending bills and collections. We pledge to assist you through these difficulties, and to a prompt resolution of your claim so you are promptly compensated for your disability.

Please see Disclaimer. Some claims are not appropriate for representation by us, and there are circumstances where we will be unable to assist a claimant, either because of legal limitations applying to claimant's rights, out of jurisdiction proceedings are required, or we choose not to become engaged in a specific case.

This Web site is no substitute for immediate contact with competent legal counsel or representation, and review of this Web page and Web site, followed by contact with us, may not result in any assistance to you. Our pledge applies solely to cases where a written fee agreement is signed, and we commit to represent a specific claimant under the terms, conditions and limitations of the written agreement.