Oil Rig

Oil Rig

Maritime injury benefits under the Jones Act and general maritime law are available to you for working on gas and oil barges, rigs and platforms, including for some injuries sustained on land or on service vessels servicing these work locations.

We have represented oil and gas barge/platform workers in Louisana, Florida, New Jersey, Massachuessets as well as over seas in Saudi Ararbia, and workers part of the Military Sea-lift Command.

Oil and Gas platform work is extremely dangerous. Many injuries occur during transfers from the service vessel to the barge or platform.

Claiming Jones Act maritime injury benefits as a oil and gas worker may add significantly to the amount of recovery. Typically, standard workers compensation pays nothing for pain and suffering, whereas a claim under the Jones Act has no limit on the amount of pain and suffering damages.

What you don't know about how the law protects you in case of maritime injury can be expensive. You wouldn't sign on to a contract with an inexperienced skipper. You wouldn’t want to sign on with an inexperienced maritime injury attorney.

Phone or e-mail us if you are an injured and we are happy to discuss with you, no obligation, whether you may have a valid maritime injury claim.

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