Newport, OR

Newport in Oregon

Newport in Oregon was established in 1882, and is an important part of the coastal maritime community. It is a city which constitutes a working waterfront on Yaquina Bay, with significant fishing and fresh seafood markets, mixed in with an active tourist business. It is also home to the Hatfield Marine Science Center, two lighthouses, numerous museums and white, sandy beaches.

We are regularly in Newport, the so-called "friendliest" of the Oregon beach communities, to meet with clients to discuss maritime injury cases.

In the past, we have represented mariners injured aboard vessels with crews as small as a single person, although commonly, smaller vessels will be staffed by two to three crew members.

Nonetheless, in many circumstances, persons working and injured at sea on these vessels, no matter how small, may qualify for federal benefits under the Jones Act or general maritime law. Many persons working aboard small boats are completely unfamiliar with their rights under federal law, and many often assume that because it's a "small" boat, they have no rights. However, in many circumstances there are employer insurance collective groups providing insurance coverage for maritime injuries. In some circumstances, a lien against a vessel may arise automatically as a result of injury at sea, resulting in the vessel becoming subject to attachment to ensure compensation for medical expense and injury loss.

In appropriate circumstances, we will meet with a client in Newport or the greater Newport area, and have often done so over the past many years. Also, we have assisted some of our clients in obtaining second medical opinions in Seattle to benefit from the latest medical technology.

If necessary, we will also dispatch experts, including marine safety experts, for marine accident investigation. In appropriate cases, we will also obtain copies of workers compensation records relating to accident or injury if a seaman, or claimant who has rights under The Jones Act or general maritime law, has a previously existing workers compensation file. We will meet with a client a convenient location depending upon the case.