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John F. Berg

M.Ed., CRC, CDMS, ABVE, Professional Vocational Consultant, Vocational Consulting, Inc.
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Phone: 206-933-8870
Fax: 206-937-6236

John Berg serves us as a retained vocational expert, primarily testifying on issues of earnings loss as a result of personal injury.

John is frequently retained by plaintiffs and defendants, and has extensive practical experience in writing reports and testifying as a vocational expert. His educational training includes a Master's of Education in Guidance and Counseling issued May 1977 from the University of Idaho, preceded by a Bachelor's degree from the University of Idaho in 1974. John has also completed the Skagit Valley Community College Alcohol and Treatment Diagnosis Program, and has many certifications, including as a certified disability management specialist, certified rehabilitation counselor, Board-certified Diplomat of the American Board of Vocational Experts, a registered vocational rehabilitation counselor, State of Washington Department of Labor & Industries, and a registered vocational counselor by the Washington State Division of Professional Licensing.

From 1985 to date, John has been the owner/operator of Vocational Consulting, Inc., a private vocational rehabilitation practice, which includes extensive forensic assessment for litigation cases involving personal maritime injury, employment law, workers compensation, assessment of employability, transferable skills, labor market surveys and analyses, and job training development for individuals with a variety of disabilities.

John is also an experienced, "case hardened" litigation expert. We most appreciate John's very prompt response to issuance of vocational reports; he is often able to issue a report almost immediately, following a last minute request. Since John's litigation experience allows him to handle file management and client information and development with an eye toward, and sensitivity to, discovery issues and trial of contested claims. John is also well able to support his conclusions and analyses under cross-examination. He is always calm, cool and collected, with a demeanor and composure that gives him credibility at every stage of the proceedings.

In the past several years, we have used John Berg's services on a large variety of injury cases. We have asked him to present a case for loss of earnings on matters involving claimants in their late fifties (last earnings years), as well as those in their early 20's. He is often able to make a case where the earnings history is limited. John has also served us on a variety of maritime injury cases, ranging from repetitive motion carpal tunnel injury, severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and back injury claims. John is also capable of providing sound figures for loss of earnings, loss of earnings capacity, costs of retraining, costs of employment re-injury. His ability to include these figures in his analyses has, on occasion, saved us the additional expense of retaining formal economic analysis.