Do's and Don'ts

Here's a list of do's and don'ts for injury at sea or in a potential maritime situation:

DO consult with competent legal counsel if you believe you may have a claim for injury.

DON'T delay in consulting with an attorney as a claim limitation period may apply that has expired or is about to expire that could bar your claim.

DO ask a lot of questions, including what are my rights, do I have a case, what assistance and compensation can I expect?

DON'T rely on uninformed advice or persons who do not have your interests in mind or have an interest in minimizing the amount of your claim or recovery.

DO expect that there may be unique laws, legal requirements and claim procedures that apply to your situation if you have been injured at sea or in a maritime related situation.

DON'T assume what you have heard or been told through the grapevine, or by a claims representative, by an employer, or by an uninformed friend is necessarily true or correct.

DON'T assume your case or claim has a particular value, either because of what you believe you know about your injury or injuries, or the liability or lack of liability on the part of your employer, boat owner or other potential responsible party.

DO consult with your attorney, if you already have one, before making a change in attorneys, about questions for which you have specific concerns and for which you are uncertain.

DON'T expect every case or claim will result in a recovery to you for as much as someone else may have obtained simply because you believe you have a similar injury or case.

DO expect if you retain an attorney, your rights will be fully protected and that you will obtain the benefits and compensation to the fullest extent allowed by law.

DON'T rely on advertising or solicitation alone, including specifically this Web page and this Web site, to determine whether to retain counsel and, if so, who to retain.

DO take the time and make the commitment to discuss a potential claim on a no-obligation basis with an appropriate legal representative if you believe you have been injured.