CrabbersCrabbing— It's The Most Dangerous Occupation On Earth

But the law is on your side, and so are we.
Few people really know what it's like out there. In 25 years of experience, we've probably seen just about every accident and injury imaginable.

  • Malfunctioning power blocks that let lines slide
  • Lines improperly spliced
  • Crewmen crushed by pots
  • Boats sunk from instability
  • Fingers, hands and arms lost to bait choppers
  • Pot launchers launching everything from improperly strung pots to, in one case, a crew member still inside.

It's easy to see why crabbing qualifies as the most dangerous occupation, and many lives have been lost.

There are laws to protect you in case of injury at sea. They are often complex.
Claims adjusters or company representatives may not be as interested in your rights as they are in saving their company money. You need a good attorney on your side.

If you've been injured, you may be entitled to not only your lost earnings, but future losses as well, if your injury keeps you from going back to sea or an occupation for which you were physically suited before your injury. Maritime may law also provide for maintenance, a living expense while you are being treated. You may also be entitled to collect for pain and suffering.

You should also be able to choose your own physician, and have a say in your medical treatment. You may not want to simply accept the company's selected physician, or the adjuster's chosen medical program. You need an attorney experienced in maritime injury on your side.

At Injury at Sea we work to obtain maintenance, medical expense, your contract wages and any bonus due without counting these amounts in the contingency fee. We also take care of the traps in dealing with the company or their adjusters. It's all part of our written commitment to our clients.

What you don't know about how the law protects you in case of maritime injury can be expensive. You wouldn't sign on to a contract with an inexperienced skipper. You wouldn’t want to sign on with an inexperienced maritime injury attorney.

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