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Captain Kirk Greiner

Marine Safety Specialist
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Phone: 425-640-3048
Fax: 425-640-0814

Captain Greiner is the Webmaster of www.maritimeconsultant.com. Captain Greiner's website is both authoritative and informative in that not only does it contain Captain Greiner's personal information, it also lists numerous references, publications and resources on important marine safety issues, and has links to important marine safety sites.

Captain Greiner serves as a marine safety expert for claimants in maritime injury claims, as well as defense firms, and has been qualified as an expert in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States, as well as in quasi-judicial administrative proceedings. We have enjoyed the benefits of Captain Greiner's expertise for over eight years, and have found him to be extremely well-qualified, always prepared and thoroughly knowledgeable of litigation matters, including the practical aspects of case presentation. He is both an attorney and marine safety specialist.

Captain Greiner has an extensive marine education, starting first with a B.S. from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, followed by extensive marine follow up of practical education and assignments, including numerous courses dealing with marine safety management, accident investigation, ergonomics, OSHA regulations, vessel inspections and fishing vessel safety. From 1978 to 1982, he served as the Coast Guard Captain of the Port and Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, Portland, Oregon; from 1975 to 1978, he served as Executive Secretary of the Marine Safety Council, Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C.; and, from 1970 to 1975, he served on the staff of Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Seattle, Washington. He has a combined 20 years in the Coast Guard Commercial Vessel Safety Program, including approval of new vessels, construction inspection, annual safety inspections, dry docking inspection, and casualty investigation. Captain Greiner retired from the Coast Guard in 1982.

What we most appreciate about Captain Greiner's services is his "case hardened," practical approach to serving as an expert in matters under litigation; in our offices, these are mostly Federal Court proceedings. Whether it's a deposition, preparation of a report, scorching cross-examination at trial, or simply dealing with the practical issue of how to keep billing expenses down, we have found Captain Greiner to be a superb expert to work with. In the recent past, we have used Captain Greiner on safety issues involving lifting and safe lifting practices; slip and fall on factory trawlers; ladder safety and fall on passenger ferry; slip and fall aboard a skiff serving with a purse seiner; repetitive motion carpal tunnel injury from overuse syndrome and, most recently, complex and technical issues relating to the sinking of the F/V ARCTIC ROSE.