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Bellingham, WA

Address:151 E. McLeod Road, Bellingham, Washington, 98226
Telephone:800-SEA-SALT (800-732-7258).

Bellingham Maritime IndustryBellingham and Anacortes are significant to the fishing, crabbing and merchant marine maritime industries. We have helped many injured mariners living in Bellingham or Anacortes, who have been injured while working aboard vessels temporarily or permanently moored at Bellingham or Anacortes.

Bellingham is home to a large seining, small to medium long lining, trawling and other related fisheries. We have many clients who, over the years, have been involved on vessels as small as two or three crewmembers, and sometimes involving an injury at sea where the injured person is a member of the family of the boat owner. For example, we recently resolved a case involving a knee injury where the crew consisted of the father (boat owner) and the sole deckhand, his son. Insurance coverage provided a substantial portion of the payment of $40,000 in damages resulting from injury to the son's knee after the son slipped and fell on the vessel deck.

We have also regularly met with potential clients on claims in Bellingham at locations convenient to the injured individual.

Some of our clients in Bellingham are members of a tribe, fishing and/or crabbing under tribal grant of right. At Injury at Sea we are experts in cases where maritime injury occurs.

Client Reviews
"Injury At Sea knows the maritime business from all angles…easy to work with, hardworking, straightforward, and professional. I was treated with care and concern. They were very helpful in my situation, told me exactly what to do, what to expect and the likely outcome. Five Stars." Chris, of Orcas Island
"...when they said they would not give John a liver transplant, my heart sank...for the first time in my life I hated being poor because I could not save my child...there was nothing I could do...When I was told Injury At Sea had obtained a Court Order to make the Company pay I cried tears of relief...without this my son would have had no hope of living...Thank you to Injury At Sea..." Mary
"Easy to work with, thorough and effective. Knows the maritime injury business from all angles including his own work experience. Tom was easy to work with, hard working, straightforward, and professional. I was treated with care and concern. He was very helpful in my situation, told me exactly what he could do, what to expect and the likely outcome." Chris