Anacortes, WA

Address: 5316 Ferry Terminal Road, Anacortes, Washington, 98221
Telephone: 1-800-SEASALT (1-800-732-7258).

Ocean-Going VesselWe have many maritime injury clients residing in Bellingham or Anacortes who have received personal injury damages after working aboard vessels moored at Bellingham or Anacortes.

Anacortes is both home to many small to medium trawling vessels, seiners, crabbers and, of course, large, ocean-going vessels and tugs servicing the refinery and maritime shipping. Many employees of major maritime employers, as well as employees of smaller owner/operator vessels, live and work in Anacortes. In case of injury, we are at hand as maritime injury lawyers to represent them.

While Anacortes has many fine medical facilities, we are often involved in assisting clients in finding a physician, a health care provider in Seattle, or in obtaining a second opinion for a specific medical condition. In appropriate cases, we will obtain payment for a second opinion from a Seattle-based medical facility, from the employer or insurance representative, or, depending upon the case, we may be able to advance, as a case cost, the expense of a second, Seattle-based opinion.

We are frequently involved in maritime injury cases involving vessels and employers in Anacortes and, as often as twice a week, are in the Anacortes area. We have met with clients at our office, at personal residences and, yes, even at the Starbucks.